AIROD seminar: Colleen Flaherty Manchester

Acquisition of Firm-Specific Skills by Employees

09.06.2017 | Lisa Vestergaard Sørensen

Colleen Flaherty Manchester

Dato man 25 sep
Tid 10:00 12:00
Sted Room 2105

Colleen Flaherty Manchester
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

This paper proposes that employees play an active role in skill accumulation such that, within a given training environment, employees may acquire different skills. Further, the extent to which these acquired skills are firm-specific versus general may also vary across employees. We propose that this variation stems from job attitudes such that those with greater psychological attachment to their employer are more likely to acquire new skills in a way that is most valuable to their current employer, resulting in accumulation of relatively more firm-specific skills as compared to employees who are less committed to their employer. Using data from a sample of employees pursuing a part-time Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, we find a positive relationship between psychological attachment and reports of firm-specific skill accumulation, which is largely driven by differences in the extent to which the employee draws on her current employment context within the coursework. We consider whether reports of firm-specific skill accumulation are informative for labor market outcomes using measures of turnover intention and turnover.

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