Seminar: Cyber security

The CGC research centre is the host of a seminar with Dr. Neeli Prasad and Dr. Vandana Baste Rohokale.


Dato fre 05 apr
Tid 09:00 11:00
Sted Room 163 | Innovatorium | Herning

First speaker: Dr. Neeli Prasad 

Title: Cyber security can save lives. How to turn cyber security into revenue opportunity?

Abstract: There will be 23 million autonomous vehicles on US roads by 2035. It will represent $25B decline in the individual premium over the same period. Insurance providers need to find new sources of revenue from 1) insuring against cyber threat, ransomware, hacking, etc. 2) insuring for autonomous vehicle liability from algorithm defect, software bugs, etc. 3) insuring autonomous and V2X infrastructure.

Second speaker: Dr. Vandana Baste Rohokale

Title: Cyber security - the need of time

Abstract: Cyber Security is becoming very hot topic with the huge growth and population of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the mobile devices associated to our everyday life. Mobile communication generations from 1G to 4G have changed our lives in many ways. It has brought easiness and comfort in our everyday activities. We are on the verge of welcoming fifth generation of mobile communication that is 5G which is visualized to be converged version of all existing, wired, wireless and next generation networks. With this luxury, threats are also growing exponentially. Everybody is worried about their economic or intellectual assets. The whole world is looking towards Cyber Security to provide robust security against the scams or malwares which have penetrated almost everywhere from small sensors to big networks. 


Dr. Neeli Prasad:
Dr. Neeli Prasad is Member at Board of Governors at IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) & Assistant Department Chair and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at International Technological University (ITU).

She is a security and wireless technology strategist, who through her career has been driving business and technology innovation, from incubation to prototyping to validation. She has focus and the abilities to transform organizations and networking technologies to address changes in markets. She has made her way up the waves of secure communication technology by contributing to the most groundbreaking and commercial inventions. She has general management, leadership, and technology skills, having worked for service providers and technology companies in various key leadership roles.

She is leading a global team of 20+ researchers across multiple technical areas and projects in Japan, India, throughout Europe and USA. She has been involved in projects and plays a key role from concept to implementation to standardization. Her strong commitment to operational excellence, innovative approach to business and technological problems, and aptitude for partnering cross-functionally across the industry have reshaped and elevated her role as project coordinator making her the preferred partner in multinational and European Commission project consortium.

Her notable accomplishments include enhancing the technology of multinationals including CISCO, HUAWEI, NIKSUN, Nokia-Siemens and NICT, defining the reference framework for Future Internet Assembly and being one of the early key contributors to Internet of Things. She is also expert member of governmental working groups and cross-continental forums.

Previously, she has served as chief system/network architect on large-scale projects from both the network operator and vendor looking across the entire product and solution portfolio covering security, wireless, mobility, AI, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine, eHealth, smart cities and cloud technologies. She was one of the key contributors to the commercialization of WLAN for which she has published two books.

Dr. Vandana Baste Rohokale:
Dr. Vandana Baste Rohokale received her B.E. degree in Electronics Engineering in 1997 from Pune University, Maharashtra, India. She received her Master’s degree in Electronics in 2007 from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. She has received her PhD degree in Wireless Communication in 2013 from CTIF, Aalborg University, Denmark. She is presently working as Professor, in Sinhgad Institute of Technology and Science, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Her teaching experience is around 22 years. She has published one book of international publication. She has published around 40 papers in various international journals and conferences. Her research interests include Cooperative Wireless Communications, AdHoc and Cognitive Networks, Physical Layer Security, Digital Signal Processing, Information Theoretic security and its Applications, Cyber Security, etc.