BTECH research seminar

The speaker for this seminar is Nguyen Duc-Lam. Sign up for the seminar no later than 2 November and stay updated on the latest academic trends within BTECH’s research areas.

2020.10.12 | LVS

Date Wed 04 Nov
Time 12:00 13:30
Location Room 2052 | BC 15 | Herning

Sandwiches and water will be served. Sign up no later than Monday, 2 November by accepting the meeting request sent by Janni Ørskov Salomonsen.    

The speaker for this seminar is:
Nguyen Duc-Lam, PhD candidate
Connectivity Section
Department of Electronic Systems
Aalborg University

Trusted Wireless Monitoring based on Distributed Ledgers over NB-IoT Connectivity

The data collected from IoT devices on various emissions or pollution can have significant economic value for stakeholders.

This makes it prone to abuse or tampering and brings forward the need to integrate IoT with a DLT to collect, store, and protect the IoT data. However, the DLT brings additional overhead to the frugal IoT connectivity and symmetrizes the IoT traffic, thus changing the usual assumption that IoT is uplink-oriented. 

In this talk, we introduce a platform that integrates DLTs with a monitoring system based on NB-IoT which is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services.

We evaluate the performance and discuss the trade-off in two realistic use-cases: data authorization and real-time monitoring.

Finally, we discuss the open challenges and opportunities of DLT-based IoT systems.

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