Portrait of Rune Aardal Hansen, PH.D.-Fellow

Rune Aardal Hansen is a new employer at BTECH. Meet him here and hear about his motivation for writing his PH.D-fellow at BTECH and about his previous experiences.

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1. Why did you choose to work at the Department of Business Development and Technology?
During my MSc. programme, my cooperation with Allan Gross developed and the possibility to pursue a PhD degree developed as well. I think that BTECH is the right department to investigate and illuminate the problem of microplastics. Materials like (micro) plastics have many interfaces to our society and business operations today.

2. What is your area of expertise and what will you be doing here?
Among other things, I will work with the detection of micro plastic in inner Danish waters. What are the links between microplastic, society, and business, and how can we use eco-innovation to understand and perhaps solve this problem.
This is important issues that I am currently focusing on.

3. What is your educational background?
MScEng from BTECH

4. What have you done before?
I have worked with management consulting in the private sector, Strategic IT + HR in international corporations, both as employee and self-employed. In many ways, I am now researching some of the ecological and environmental consequences of what I previously promoted and advised corporations on. 5. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your leisure activities. I live on a farm just south of Aarhus along with two other families. My interests are very diverse, from the food I love to prepare, to music, and otherwise I cycle a lot. I have also sailed a lot. My little family is currently experimenting with how much living space is suitable for a "good" life. Currently, we are putting the final touches on a blueprint for a small ecological and transportable house.