Jon Lerche.

2017.01.20 | People

Portrait of Jon Lerche, industrial PhD student

With his background at Siemens Wind Power and with an MSc in Engineering, John Lerche has now been employed as an industrial PhD student. His research area will be scenario planning, high-value production, offshore logistics and how to transfer these to offshore construction environments/construction sites.

Kristian Løbner.

2017.01.30 | People

Portrait of Kristian Løbner, Research Assistant

Meet Kristian Løbner, who has just been employed as a research assistant in the MBIT group. As of 1 February 2017, he will begin his PhD programme, where he will collaborate with COWI to examine how innovating business models in large established companies can be consolidated through management and organisational development.

[Translate to English:] Mirko Presser.

2017.01.11 | People

Portrait of assistant professor Mirko Presser

Mirko has co-founded the Board Game Challenge in Aarhus, a group of 5 IT organizations (AU, Alexandra, Aarhus municipality, eBay and Baeumer Group) playing board games and talking about IT strategy, IoT and big data. Now he will be working at BTECH.

Francesco Chinello.

2017.01.11 | People

Portrait of assistant professor Francesco Chinello

The family is getting used to Francesco travelling a lot, og now the journey has brought him from Italy to Denmark, where he will be focusing on developing wearable devices to provide cutaneous stimuli to users.

Oluf Lund.

2017.01.10 | People

Portrait of Oluf Lund, academic employee

Oluf Lund will be working in Business Factory in Innovatorium in Herning as a business-coach for the students, and in his sparetime he likes to go fishing, is a keen camper and plays volleyball.

Sofoklis Kyriazakos.

2017.01.10 | People

Portrait of Associated Professor Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Sofoklis is looking forward to his job at BTECH strengthening the technological innovations and working on how to make them attractive and affordable. In his spare time he likes to read, have startet running and loves to travel.

Albena Mihovska.

2017.01.10 | People

Portrait of Associate Professor Albena Mihovska

Wireless Technologies, Big Data and radiocommunication. Albena Mihovska has a big field of knowledge and beside that she also finds time to both tennis and surfing.

Stefan Schaeper.

2017.01.10 | People, Aarhus BSS

Portrait of Assistant Professor Stefan Schaper

He was born in Germany, grew up in Italy and is now living in Denmark. Stefan Schaeper is widely traveled, but right now he is at BTECH, where he will be working with Management Accounting.

Rune Aardal Hansen.

2017.01.09 | People

Portrait of Rune Aardal Hansen, PH.D.-Fellow

Rune Aardal Hansen is a new employer at BTECH. Meet him here and hear about his motivation for writing his PH.D-fellow at BTECH and about his previous experiences.

Professor Ramjee Prasad

2017.01.09 | People

Portrait of Professor Ramjee Prasad

Welcome to Ramjee Prasad, whoo recently has startet as a professor and will be working with: "Future Technologies for Business Ecosystem Innovation".

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