Rules on sideline employment at BTECH

The rules on sideline employment are found in Aarhus University's staff policy, which, among other things, specifies that Aarhus University takes a positive view of sideline employment on the condition that such employment does not:

  • Distort competition in relation to other businesses and organisations.
  • Lead to conflicts of interest in relation to the university, problems related to employee impartiality or conflicts between the employees and the university.

If the employee is in doubt with regard to whether a specific form of sideline employment is compatible with his or her main occupation, this should be discussed with the head of department.

The employees' knowledge is a resource for society, just as the knowledge and experience gained through sideline employment may benefit Aarhus University. Therefore, the university management and the management at BTECH support sideline employment, as long as it complies with the staff policy.