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2019.07.10 | People

Two external researchers visit BTECH in August and September

Read more about the two researchers visiting the CGC Research Center.

2019.05.14 | Language Services

Parallelism in bullet lists

May 2019: Improve the readability of your bullet lists

2019.04.26 | People

Karthikeya Acharya - post doc

Design academic Karthikeya Acharya knows how important design is for business to operationalise as well as business need design. With this focus he wants to develop and further his research practice here at Department of Business Development and Technology.

2019.04.12 | Language Services

One or multiple words?

April 2019: Danish compounds are written withnospacesbetweenthewords

2019.03.19 | Language Services

Comma conundrum

March 2019: Comma before ’that’ and ’which’ in English?

2019.02.25 | People

Sudipa Sarker - Assistant Professor

New assistant professor Sudipa Sarker from Bangladesh is looking forward to sharing her in-depth knowledge on supply management, procurement and risk management with students and colleagues in Herning.

2019.02.25 | People

Eldina Salkanovic - Ph.D.-student

Can artificial intelligence protect birds at wind turbines? This is what PhD student Eldina Salkanovic will be focusing on while obtaining her PhD degree as a part of the CET group.

2019.02.18 | Language Services

THE SMALL DIFFERENCE that makes a big difference

February 2019: How to use (possessive) apostrophe in Danish and English

2019.01.24 | People

René Goduscheit - Professor

With many years of experience as assistant professor, associate professor and professor at the University of Southern Denmark, a PhD in network-based innovation, and a background as a management consultant for Rambøll and KPMG, René Goduscheit is now transferring his professional skills to BTECH. As head of section at AIROD, he will - among other…

2019.01.11 | Language Services

To -ing or not to -ing?

January 2019: How to use -ing-forms in English

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