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News from the department

Muhammad Bilal.

2017.05.01 | People

Portrait: Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal has just been employed here at the Department of Business Development and Technology, where he will be working to bring the GNSS technology closer to the companies. Originally he comes

Rasmus Jørgensen and CEO at Jyden Bur, Jens Agergaard

2017.04.07 | Education news

Student and company collaboration leads to job

Rasmus Jørgensen holds an MSc in Engineering from Aarhus BSS and has partnered with the company Jyden Bur throughout his studies. Now the company has employed him on a permanent basis, and this is no

2017.04.03 | Aarhus BSS


20th March 2017 the entire group of Master’s students from the cand.polyt. degree went to Aarhus DOKK1 for a lecture on smart cities. The location was at the heart of the activities around Smart Aarhu

[Translate to English:] Sadia Anwar.

2017.04.03 | People

Portrait: Sadia Anwar

Sadia Anwar came to Denmark in 2015 and worked initially for Aalborg University. The working area is within the healthcare field. Read more about Sadias background and interests which among other thin

George Xydis.

2017.01.23 | People

Portrait of George Xydis, Associate Professor

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Engineering combined with a great interest for wind energy, George Xydis has a lot of experience. He will be focusing on implementing research main

Marcus Sommerbirk.

2017.01.20 | People, Aarhus BSS

Portrait of teacher Marcus Sommerbirk

Marcus Sommerbirk is our new teacher in Physics and Applied Mathematics on the BDE degree programme. He will also be supervising various projects.

Jon Lerche.

2017.01.20 | People

Portrait of Jon Lerche, industrial PhD student

With his background at Siemens Wind Power and with an MSc in Engineering, John Lerche has now been employed as an industrial PhD student. His research area will be scenario planning, high-value produc

Kristian Løbner.

2017.01.30 | People

Portrait of Kristian Løbner, Research Assistant

Meet Kristian Løbner, who has just been employed as a research assistant in the MBIT group. As of 1 February 2017, he will begin his PhD programme, where he will collaborate with COWI to examine how i

[Translate to English:] Mirko Presser.

2017.01.11 | People

Portrait of assistant professor Mirko Presser

Mirko has co-founded the Board Game Challenge in Aarhus, a group of 5 IT organizations (AU, Alexandra, Aarhus municipality, eBay and Baeumer Group) playing board games and talking about IT strategy, I

Francesco Chinello.

2017.01.11 | People

Portrait of assistant professor Francesco Chinello

The family is getting used to Francesco travelling a lot, og now the journey has brought him from Italy to Denmark, where he will be focusing on developing wearable devices to provide cutaneous stimul

Events at the department

Fri 30 Jun
13:00-16:00 | Campus Herning
Graduation ceremony
Fri 30 Jun
16:00-00:00 | Campus Herning
Summer party
Be sure to mark your calendar for this year's summer party at Campus Herning!
Mon 25 Sep
10:00-12:00 | Room 2105
AIROD seminar: Colleen Flaherty Manchester
Acquisition of Firm-Specific Skills by Employees

News from AARHUS BSS

Photo: AU Foto

2017.06.20 | Aarhus BSS

Summer greeting from the dean

Dear staff Summer is here, and soon we can look forward to a well-deserved holiday outside of the school wa

Almost a third of the respondents already know the name Aarhus BSS.

2017.06.20 | Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS’ image under scrutiny

For the first time since changing its name in 2015, Aarhus BSS has conducted an extensive awareness and image

300 participants attended the business conference on 2 June. Photo: AU Foto.

2017.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Business conference with focus on interdisciplinarity

On Friday 2 June, 300 alumni, partners and employees took part in the very first Aarhus BSS Business Conferenc

Events at AARHUS BSS

Wed 09 Aug
17:20-21:00 | Cinemaxx
Come watch a film with Aarhus BSS
Aarhus BSS is inviting you to a unique experience, which includes a lecture on the Battle of Durkirk followed by a screening of this summer’s blockbuster “Dunkirk”.
Fri 18 Aug
10:30-15:30 | The S-building (2610) at Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V
Celebrating 80 years of economics in Aarhus
The economics and management departments of Aarhus BSS celebrate 80 years of economics in Aarhus by hosting a one-day conference on the subject “Economics and our society in the coming years”.
Fri 18 Aug
14:47-14:47 |
Summer Festival at Aarhus BSS
Aarhus BSS invites all alumni, jubilee alumni, close partners and employees to a Summer Festival on 18 August 2017. The festival is held in the University Park and like last year, we are planning an informal party with great atmosphere and live music.

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