BTECH conference

Do you know what your colleagues work on? We will spend two days presenting our own research and educational activities to colleagues in the usual conference format with parallel sessions and peer feedback.

Foto: Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

Oplysninger om arrangementet


torsdag 8. december 2022, kl. 08:00 - fredag 9. december 2022, kl. 16:00

There will be research and non-research sessions. Presentations will be 15 minutes with 2x5 minutes of peer feedback.

  • Researchers have full paper submission deadline on 1 November.
  • Non-research session submissions have deadline on 15 November.

Note: Non-research session submissions are a PowerPoint with a clearly defined “topic” (such as blended learning, student attraction, company collaboration, green transition, etc.) stated on the front page. Research submissions are full papers in (or close to) the publication phase.

While all VIP (including postdocs, researchers and PhD students) are obliged to make one submission within their domain, it is ok (and even encouraged) to also submit a proposal in the other domain.

Preparation for the BTECH conference will take place at section meetings.