BTECH research seminar

The speaker for this seminar is Jan-Phillip Herrmann. Title: Software-Based Assistance Systems for the Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

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Mandag 19. august 2024,  kl. 12:00 - 13:30


Room 2036 | BC 15

Jan-Phillip Herrmann

The digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises fosters the emergence of software solutions for supporting managers and employees in decision-making. The Laboratory of Industrial Engineering at the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lemgo (TH OWL), Germany, develops such assistance systems focusing on vocational training, manufacturing, and product development. The seminar gives an overview of the Laboratory, its’ collaborations with external firms and research institutions as well as past research projects and their theoretical and practical results. The assistance systems presented include an Augmented Reality-based learning system, a 3D user interface for supporting engineering change management, and a scheduling app for sheltered workshops. Additionally, detailed insights into recent research about predicting human decision-making in manufacturing using artificial intelligence methods will be given. It will be closed with a discussion about future research activities, synergies, and potentials for future collaborations. The seminar is held by Jan-Phillip Herrmann, a PhD candidate at TH OWL, during his research stay at the Department of Business Development and Technology in Herning from August until December 2024.

Author biography
Jan-Phillip Herrmann received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and his double master’s degree in Production Engineering and Management from the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts (TH OWL), Lemgo, Germany, and the University of Trieste, Italy. He was a postgraduate research assistant in the Department of Production Engineering and Wood Technologies at TH OWL from September 2019 until July 2024. His past research activities comprise developing assistance systems for manufacturing and product development departments in three research projects. His primary research interests include modeling and simulating sociotechnical systems focusing on human scheduling behavior in manufacturing. His doctoral thesis deals with predicting human decision-making regarding task sequencing in job shop environments. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Verena Nitsch, Director of the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics at RWTH Aachen University, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Tackenberg from the Laboratory of Industrial Engineering at TH OWL are his first and second supervisor, respectively.

Jan-Phillip Herrmann
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