Departmental Forum

Departmental Forum meets two times a year (one time each semester) to discuss, advice and support the head of department in academic and strategic issues.

Annual cycle of work


  • Information about the budget situation
  • Status of the study programmes, including student intake and the study environment 


  • Information about the budget situation
  • Status of the staffing situation

When needed and relevant, the following ad hoc items may also be added to the agenda:

  • Employment and recruitment policy
  • The physical and social environment at the department
  • The department strategy
  • Professorship policy/docent policy
  • The talent development strategy at the department
  • The department’s research strategy
  • Management structures and forms
  • Involvement

Standard rules of procedure

Standard rules of procedure for Departmental Forum at BTECH (in Danish). The rules are prepared within the framework of the ’Standard Rules of Procedure for Departmental Councils’ as laid down by the rector, see article 26(1) of the Aarhus University By-laws.