New employee: Gianlorenzo Meggio, PhD Student

You can read about Gianlorenzo's work areas, professional background, leisure activities etc. here.

Gianlorenzo Meggio

Why did you choose to work at the Department of Business Development and Technology?
As an MSCA PhD Fellow, my choice was first related to the European project that I applied for (EINST4INE). Then, after having talked with my current supervisor, Associate Prof. Agnieszka Radziwon, I chose BTECH among the possible destinations because of the quality of the research.

Coming from Italy, I did not know anyone who had studied here before, so I had to rely on the "names and numbers" seen online, which made me realise how research-oriented the department is. Something that I really value and that has not been dismissed in these first months here.

What is your area of work?
I am working in the innovation management area, as my project will explore how technology-enabled innovation ecosystems emerge, considering the role of all the stakeholders involved in this process. Moreover, since my main research interests lie at the intersection between innovation and sustainability, I would like to adopt this perspective to study how the concept of innovation ecosystems can be applied to find collaborative responses to current societal challenges.

What is your background?
I graduated with an MSc in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, which is a very similar degree compared to the MSc in Technology Based Business Development offered here. More in detail, the major that I chose back then was Social Innovation and Sustainable Operations, which ultimately led me to work for more than two years as a Sustainability Consultant in PwC Italy, where I could further expand my expertise on these topics. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your leisure activities.
In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, cycling, and (like any good Italian) cooking. So, if someone wants to try some real Italian food in Herning, just let me know and we'll find a deal ☺ Moreover, since January 2021, I have been the proud uncle of a 1-year-old boy, whom I might be spoiling, given all the presents I give him every time I go back to Italy.