The PhD Planner will be transferred to a new supplier

The PhD Planner system will be transferred to a new supplier – ResearchPlanner ApS – as of 6 December 2019.

How will this affect you as a PhD student or supervisor?
The PhD Planner will be closed from 5 December 2019 to 9 December 2019. For PhD students, this means that you will not be able to access your PhD Plan or make evaluations in the system.

Supervisors will not be able to make evaluations in the system or access applications in connection with a round of applications.

The reason for the shutdown is that the entire PhD Planner system is being transferred to a new supplier, which means we need to physically relocate it to a different platform.

Will there be any other changes?
The PhD Planner will look the same after the transfer, and we expect for all users to be able to access the PhD Planner again on Monday 9 December at 8:00.

Errors will always occur to a greater or lesser extent in connection with the relocation of IT systems, and this is no exception. We have performed a lot of tests in connection with the relocation, so hopefully you will not experience too many errors when the system comes back online.

What to do if you find any errors
If you find any errors or defects in the system, please contact your graduate school so that they can report the error.

Status of the transfer can be seen on