Portrait of Assistant Professor Stefan Schaper

He was born in Germany, grew up in Italy and is now living in Denmark. Stefan Schaeper is widely traveled, but right now he is at BTECH, where he will be working with Management Accounting.

Stefan Schaeper.

1.       Why did you choose to work at the Department of Business Development and Technology?
I have been living in Denmark before for almost one year as a visiting PhD fellow. Since then, I have kept a constant eye on interesting job openings in Denmark. The position offered at BTECH rather perfectly matched my interests from both a research as well as a teaching perspective.

2.       What is your area of expertise and what will you be doing here?
The focus of my PhD was extra-financial reporting, i.e. Intellectual Capital (IC) accounting. In particular, I have been conducting a follow up study of a Danish project for the measurement and management IC and knowledge resources in collaboration with Professor Christian Nielsen and Professor Robin Roslender. My current research interests are extending into the field of business models as well.
At BTECH I will be working as an assistant professor in Management Accounting.

3.       What is your educational background?
I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business administration with a particular managerial focus. Furthermore, I hold a PhD in Management and Business Administration with the additional certification Doctor Europaeus.

4.       What have you done before?
Since I finished my PhD in 2014, I have been working as a consultant in Munich and Frankfurt am Main -Germany- mainly involved in Business Intelligence and Regulatory Reporting projects in the banking sector. In parallel and together with my co-authors, I have been working on articles from my PhD. The latter resulted in the publication of a number of papers in highly-ranked, peer reviewed scientific journals, the latest appearing in Q1 - 2017.

5.       Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your leisure activities
Born in Germany, I grew up in southern Italy where I moved at age thirteen. While my family moved back to Germany in early 2004, I decided to continue living in the Abruzzi region for ten more years.
I have one brother, who is currently doing his PhD at the KU Leuven in Belgium.
In my spare time, I like travelling, swimming, listening to rock and jazz music or watching a good movie.