Portrait of Associate Professor Albena Mihovska

Wireless Technologies, Big Data and radiocommunication. Albena Mihovska has a big field of knowledge and beside that she also finds time to both tennis and surfing.

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1. Why did you choose to work at the Department of Business Development and Technology?
The Department of Business Development and Technology offers an exciting platform for developing my research activities in the area of smart wireless technologies and Internet of Things into new directions, such as analytics, big data and operational research, which are in line with the current international trends and developments. The Department has a very high intake of students, which offers an excellent opportunity for me to work with them on various project ideas in the above areas of interest. Finally, I find the team of colleagues at the Department to be young and dynamic and very open to exploring new challenges.

2. What is your area of expertise and what will you be doing here?
I have a radio communications background and expertise that I applied over the years towards research in new technologies, such as smart wireless connectivity including sensor technologies, ambient intelligence and Internet of Things and their related applications (e.g., e-Health, smart grid, and so forth). The enormous amount of data generated today requires new approaches to smart wireless technologies and applications, and areas as analytics and big data have gained a tremendous importance as their enablers. I plan to utilize the available expertise at the Department of Business Technology and Engineering jointly with my current research interests and generate new research projects, as well as to build up a strong laboratory environment for smart connectivity and related applications. My main tasks will relate to teaching and research activities.

3. What is your educational background? 
I am an electrical engineer with a mobile communications profile and have a PhD in mobile communications from Aalborg University.

4. What have you done before?
I am joining the Department from a position of Associate Professor Associate Professor at Aalborg University. There I was involved with research and teaching within the Master’s programme in Innovation Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ICTE).

5. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your leisure activities.
I am originally from Bulgaria and have lived in Denmark since 1999. My favourite leisure activities are tennis and surfing. I am playing competitive tennis at national and regional level for my club Aalborg Østre, and whenever I can, I drive to Klitmøller and try to catch some waves.