Portrait: Sadia Anwar

Sadia Anwar came to Denmark in 2015 and worked initially for Aalborg University. The working area is within the healthcare field. Read more about Sadias background and interests which among other things, covers cooking and computer games.

Sadia Anwar.

1. Why did you choose to work at the Department of Business Development and Technology?
In my previous work place, Aalborg University, my research was mainly focused on the multidisciplinary area of medicine and telecommunication known as Telemedicine. In the big concept of future health-care, big-data analytics along economic aspects are very much desired. Here at the department of business development I have now the opportunity to perform my research works with big-data analytics and economics. By combining both business and technology, I will extend my research on technology and business aspect in the research of future health-care.

For instance, what could be the best business models I can use to deliver medical information with the latest technology in cost effectiveness? What business model can help in future for different pharmaceutical companies to be more innovative and patients focused.  Aging population is increasing and with the passage of time and Europe will face more elder and aged persons in future which will definitely create a burden on government and overall society and economy.

2.   What is your area of expertise and what will you be doing here?
My area of expertise is health-care. Below is the description of main work I would be doing:

  • Research in Interdisciplinary area: specifically focused on medicine, telecommunication, big-data and economics.
  • Working on Efficient and cost effective future Health care using future wireless communications technology,
  • Telemedicine and big data analytics. Current and future Applications of latest technologies in health care.
  • Economic impacts of future health care using big data analytics and wireless broadband networks.

3.    What is your educational background?
By qualification, I am a doctor of medicine (pharmacist) and I did my pharmacy from Government College University, Faisalabad Pakistan. After that I started my M.Phil. leading to PhD program at Mehran University Jamshoro 2015.

4.       What have you done before?
I came to Denmark in December 2015 and started working as a Guest Researcher at CTIF in the department of electronic systems, Aalborg University under “IICT Endowment Fund for Sustainable Development Scheme” under the supervision of Professor Ramjee Prasad at CTIF in the Department of Electronics Systems. I also collaborated in different ongoing research projects. Below I am giving some description of the work, I have done.

Aalborg University, Denmark, Guest Researcher,  December 2015-December 2016

  • Worked on cross disciplinary area of Telemedicine with wireless technology for real-time access of medical and pharmaceutical information to patients in remote areas having disability, chronic diseases and related conditions which affecting patient mobility.
  • Age related diseases and reporting of medication interactions and helping in making treatment regime.
  • Big data analytics and medicine informatics for pharmaceutical prescription in a digital pharmacy
  • Establishing a physician, patient and pharmacist linkage and playing role on better control of diseases, safety and cost effectiveness of total therapy.
  • Using advanced services enabled by the 5G networking and working in close proximity with telecommunication and related health departments.


“5G an approach towards future Telemedicine”, Sadia Anwar,Ambuj Kumar, Bhawani S. Chowdhry, Ramjee Prasad,  GWS 2016.

Fatima Jannah Pharmacy, Gangaram Hospital, Lahore
Community Pharmacist,    June. 2012 - December. 2014
Community Pharmacist has the responsibility to purchase and distribute medicine under legal and ethical guidelines, under Government regulations and rule of right.
These were the main key points of my work.

  • Maintenance, Purchase and accurate dispensing of legal OTC and POM medication.
  • Counselling patients regarding safe and proper use of medication.

Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology New Civil Lines Sargodha       Hospital Pharmacist     Jan. 2011 -Feb. 2011
Hospital Pharmacist is involved in compounding, purchasing, sorting and dispensing of medicine and medical devices and also gives guidelines to health care professionals and patients regarding safe and proper use of medications.
My responsibilities being a hospital pharmacist were includes:-

  • Prescription checking for errors and selection of most appropriate dosage form.
  • Supervise medicines if these are kept properly, quality checking of different dosage forms specially IV products their storage, and economical purchase of medication.
  • Ward rounds for patient consultation and to check drug interactions by taking their history.

5.   Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your leisure activities.
Myself: - I believe in good things happen to us but for this you have to be patient and have persistency. I like to make good strategies and plans to achieve my goals. I consider myself as an engaging person and that’s why I chose a multidisciplinary area of research, if you really want to get something innovative, flexible and beneficial for the society, you must need to get out from your comfort zone.
I also believe in personal development as well as for the development of the society. I am open minded person, and do not hesitate to adopt good things from any culture. I always search for better opportunities which can improvise me, my abilities and capacity to learn and think more. I have good interpersonal skills. I see diseases and different pathologies are not belonging to a particular religion or society or country, being a pharmacist, I believe that one should work for the benefits of all. My philosophy is
“Work hard and stay Hungary, Lazy people get nowhere in life”
Hobbies: In my free time I love to listen music, and follow fashions. I like to watch movies and various TV series on different topics. I also play video games sometimes. I also like cooking and can adjust myself to different taste and foods. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family and to explore new things.
Family: I have three sisters and one brother.  My father and mother were school teachers and now they have been retired. They are mostly spending time home and enjoying with family, and doing activities which they were not able to do during our up bring. My brother and sisters are highly educated and are working in their relevant fields. My elder sister is doing PhD from Melbourne University Australia in biochemistry. Second sister has done M.Phil. in Mathematics and my younger sister is a Doctor or medical physician and doing her house job in Government hospital. My brother is a telecommunication engineer, and working in a multi-national company.