Summer exams are moved to VIA University College

Due to leaks, the roof on AU Campus Herning will be replaced during the summer. To avoid noise nuisance, all ordinary exams from 23 May 2022 onwards are moved to our neighbour VIA University College, Birk Centerpark 5.

The roof replacement takes place from week 20 to week 33, and it will cause some noise at times. Therefore, starting 23 May, we move the summer exams to our neighbour, VIA University College, Birk Centerpark 5.

The exam rooms will appear from WISEflow and overviews at BTECH’s reception desk and in the C‐building at VIA University College. In addition, Heidi Trampedach Larsen will have a temporary office in VIA’s C building during the exam period.

At VIA, the wireless network Eduroam is also accessible.

Offices, laboratories, etc. at Birk Centerpark 15 can be accessed as usual during the period, but since the roof replacement may cause some noise, you may to a larger extent consider working from home during the above‐mentioned period.

From the end of week 19, the construction site will be made ready; however, this should not be a disturbing factor during working hours.

Fun fact: before the new roof is ready, 216 tons of gravel must be removed from the roof, and replacing the roof will require 43 tons of insulation and 15 tons of roofing felt.

In the photo below, the parts of the roof that need to be replaced are marked: