BTECH research seminar

The speaker for this seminar about the exploitation of solar energy is Kurt Valentin Mikkelsen from Chemical Institute, University of Copenhagen.

24.09.2018 | LVS

Dato ons 03 okt
Tid 12:00 13:30
Sted Room 2119 | BC 15 | Herning

Title of the seminar:
Exploitation of solar energy (abstract attached).

Professor, Ph.D., Dr.Sci. Kurt Valentin Mikkelsen and his group use scientific computing methods to investigate the dynamics and control of molecular perturbations, solvent effects, chemical reactions in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. Presently, we target areas as biophotonics (design of optimal two-photon sensitizers), photonics (structure-property relationships for potential optical data and computer components), nanoscience (linear and nonlinear optical properties of carbon nanotubes),  development of new models for homogeneous and heterogeneous solvation along with the calculation of linear and non-linear molecular properties of solutes and development of new models to describe interactions between nanosized particles and organic molecules along with the calculation of kinetic parameters used in macroscopic modelling in nanoscience and atmospheric chemistry. For the last four years we have investigated and developed methods for the capture and storage of solar energy.

Citation: 10790
h-index: 58
i10-index: 178

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