And or &?

[Translate to English:] Foto: Sookyung An, Pixabay

The ampersand (&), also known as the ‘and sign’, represents the conjunction ’and’. The sign indicates a closer connection than ’and’ and is used to join one or more parts into one. Thus, in most cases, it cannot directly replace the use of ’and’.

The ampersand can be used in:

  • Company names (e.g. ’Bang & Olufsen’)
  • References in articles (e.g. ’Frederiksen & Kato, 2020’)
  • Abbreviations (e.g. ’R&D’ or ’Q&A’)
  • Formulas (e.g. in Excel)
  • Programming

We recommend that you don’t make use of the ampersand in course titles and headlines in articles.