Mobile work phone at BTECH

The department management has decided to offer all professors, associate professors and assistant professors as well as all permanent technical and administrative staff the option to have a mobile phone as their work phone instead of the IP phones we have now. If you choose a mobile phone, your mobile phone number will be registered as your work phone number, and the IP phones will be used for other employees. If you choose a mobile phone, you have two options:

  1. You can use the mobile phone for work-related and private purposes. Please note that you have to pay tax on the value of the phone (DKK 3,100 annually in 2023).
  2. You can use the mobile phone for work-related purposes only. You will not have to pay tax, if the following conditions are met:
  •  Using the phone outside the place of work is necessary for you to be able to perform your work (the university or customers must be able to reach you or vice versa).
  • You and AU have agreed that the phone should be used for work-related purposes only (a solemn declaration must be signed), except for the occasional necessary private calls to and from the phone, e.g. to children’s daycare facility, the doctor, etc.

Please note: AU monitors the use of the work mobile phone.

Mobile phone subscription

If you choose a BTECH-paid mobile phone, you must use Telenor as tele service provider. You must order your subscription when you order the phone. If you would like to transfer your current mobile phone number to Telenor, please contact AU IT.

Ordering your new mobile phone

Please contact Inger Kristensen prior to ordering to ensure that you are taxed correctly.

If the mobile phone is for work-related purposes only, please bring a completed and signed solemn declaration.

You must buy the mobile phone via the Aarhus BSS IT webshop. Note that the phone remains the property of AU even upon completion of use. You can choose freely among the mobile phones in the webshop as long as you stay under the fixed limit of DKK 5,000.