Information to assessors about FLOWoral and FLOWcombine


Whenever possible, the detailed examination plan is made in a FLOWoral flow. The time and place of the examination will only appear from this flow. The detailed examination plan will, as a general rule, be available no earlier than 13 days before the oral examination. You are able to find more information and directions in the document ‘Oral examination with FLOWoral’.    

Please note that marks for oral examinations must be entered and registered on the day of the examination, as it may affect the student if the mark is registered on a wrong date.


FLOWcombine is used when exams consist of a written submission and an oral examination. A FLOWcombine flow is made up of a written source flow (FLOWassign) and an oral subflow (FLOWoral). Until the oral flow has been activated, you will only be able to see and access the written flow.

The written flow (FLOWassign)
In this flow, you can read the assignments submitted by the students.

You cannot and must not enter marks in this flow. The system, however, checks if the students have submitted and thus are allowed to sit the oral examination. Accordingly, the flow has a short assessment period immediately following the submission deadline. This means that the assigned assessors will receive a WISEflow notification that indicates a very tight assessment deadline and provides a link to the flow. Please ignore this notification. 

The oral flow (FLOWoral)
In this flow, you will have access to the detailed examination plan, including information about the examination room, etc. Here, you must enter and register the marks on the same day that the examination has taken place.

In order to see the oral flow, we recommend that you always access WISEflow from the front page ( and not through links in WISEflow notifications. On the front page, you will see an overview of your flows.

If you need to exit one flow and enter another, you can choose the ‘Assessor’ tab. You will then gain access to your flow overview and be able to click your way into the flow of your choice.