Written examinations

As for written examinations, please consider the following:

  • Is the examination assignment aligned with the content of the course, including learning objectives, literature, assignments and lectures? And does it comply with the examination criteria outlined in the course description?
  • You can under no circumstances reuse exam assignments from one exam to another.
  • For all written onsite examinations with the same reexamination form, both the ordinary examination assignment and the reexamination assignment are handed in to the relevant programme supporter at the same time before the regular exam period.
  • For all written examinations, it is mandatory to have a colleague review the examination assignment before sending it to the relevant programme supporter. It is the examiner’s responsibility to send the examination assignment for review.
  • As a reviewer, your task is, among other things, to assess if the length of the examination assignment is appropriate, and if the individual questions are clear and unambiguous. You provide your feedback to the examiner and, if relevant, review new versions of the examination assignment. It is not your task to verify that the examiner has addressed all your feedback.
  • As an examiner, it is your task to address the feedback from the reviewer where relevant. Also note that it is your responsibility alone to ensure that the examination assignment satisfies the criteria outlined above.
  • In connection with written onsite examinations, you must be reachable by telephone during the first hour of the exam. For take-home examinations, the students are allowed to send you emails with questions to any unclarities in the examination assignment, and you must send the answer(s) to all students via Brightspace.