2019.10.14 | Language Services, Staff

Machine translation

October 2019: Google Translate: Proceed with caution

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2019.09.19 | People

Jørn Bue Madsen

Jørn Bue Madsen joined BTECH on 1 September as an Industrial PhD student. In his research, he will focus on Mergers and Acquisitions with a particular focus on organisational learning.

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2019.09.19 | People

Pernille Clausen

Pernille Clausen joined BTECH as a PhD student on 1 September after one year as a research assistant. In her project, she will focus on transformation processes in production companies.

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2019.09.19 | People

Cristiano Smaniotto

On 1 September, Cristiano Smaniotto joined BTECH as a PhD student. In his project, he will focus on consumers’ waste habits and how they can be made more sustainable.

2019.08.22 | People

Nidhi Sinha

Nidhi Sinha is a new Ph.d.-student at BTECH

2019.08.22 | People

Marianne Helstrup - new lecturer at BDE

BDE engineer returns to Herning to teach and educate even more engineers.

2019.08.22 | People

Henning de Haas - assistant professor

New assistant professor with extensive experience within supply chain management to teach future engineers in Herning.

2019.08.16 | Language Services, Staff

Dot or comma

August 2019: How to separate thousands and decimals in English

2019.07.10 | People

Two external researchers visit BTECH in August and September

Read more about the two researchers visiting the CGC Research Center.

2019.05.14 | Language Services, Staff

Parallelism in bullet lists

May 2019: Improve the readability of your bullet lists

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