Going abroad

A mandatory part of the PhD study is a three-month change of environment. Such a change must take the form of a stay at another internationally esteemed research institution, preferably abroad. The supervisors are available for guidance as to which universities to consider. The PhD student is encouraged to obtain external funding for the stay; such funding opportunities are numerous, and a list of relevant funding sources is available from the link on the right.

If the PhD student is unsuccessful in obtaining sufficient external funding despite multiple attempts (or in the interim period where the applications are still pending), BTECH will subsidise the stay with DKK 6,000 per month (applicable for stays of three months or more). In addition, the department pays travel costs and other minor items (e.g. health insurances). The total amount cannot exceed DKK 60,000, and the PhD student is required to document the costs incurred.  

In order to apply for such BTECH subsidy, please write a brief one-and-a-half page application that contains the following information:

  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Contact person
  • A small budget

Applications must be directed at Torben Andersen, toa@btech.au.dk.