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Job titles in English

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In the terminology list below, you can find English translations of the most commonly used job titles at BTECH. In addition, you can read more about the job structure for academic staff here. You can also make use of the AU Dictionary, which contains AU-specific terminology and concepts in Danish and English.

In case you do not remember when to use lower- or uppercase letters in job titles, you can learn more here.


Danish English
adjunkt (uden forskningsforpligtelser) teaching assistant professor
adjunkt (med forskningsforpligtelser) assistant professor    
akademisk medarbejder academic employee
centerleder centre director
ekstern lektor part-time lecturer                                    
forsker researcher
forskningsleder research director
ingeniørdocent senior professor of engineering
institutleder head of department
kontorfuldmægtig/kontorfunktionær administrator
lektor (uden forskningsforpligtelser) teaching associate professor
lektor (med forskningsforpligtelser) associate professor
lektor(ing) teaching associate professor
ph.d.-stipendiat PhD fellow
ph.d.-studerende PhD student
professor professor
postdoc postdoc
sekretariatsleder head of secretariat
studieadministrator studies administrator
studieleder director of studies
uddannelseskoordinator programme coordinator
undervisningsassistent assistant lecturer
videnskabelig assistent research assistant



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