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2020.10.09 | Language Services


October 2020: Compound adjectives and their -

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2020.10.08 | Staff

Flu vaccination

As part of the Danish Health Authority's recommendations, the Innovatorium has decided to arrange for flu vaccinations. This offer also applies to AU employees.

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2020.09.08 | Language Services, Staff


September 2020: Using hyphens in Danish and English

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2020.04.02 | Staff, Language Services

Welcome to the jungle (of job titles)

June 2020: Job titles in English

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2020.03.06 | Staff, Language Services

Double-up – or not

March 2020: Double-letter or single-letter spelling in English words

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2020.02.10 | Staff, Language Services

When to use ’a’ versus ’an’

February 2020

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2020.01.15 | Staff, Language Services

Subject-verb agreement in English

January 2020: Examples of common pitfalls

2020.01.02 | Staff

Sino-Nordic Doctoral Summer School

PhD students at Aarhus University are invited to apply to the multidisciplinary Sino-Nordic Doctoral Summer School entitled 'Ageing and Services in Changing Societies' taking place at the Nordic Centre in Shanghai from 25-29 May 2020. Application deadline: 31 January.

2019.11.19 | Staff

The PhD Planner will be transferred to a new supplier

The PhD Planner system will be transferred to a new supplier – ResearchPlanner ApS – as of 6 December 2019.

2019.11.14 | Language Services, Staff

Lower- or uppercase letters

November 2019: When to use lowercase and uppercase letters in your academic writing?

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